Microsoft Azure

Azure Cloud Platform offers over 200 products and cloud services designed to assist you in achieving new solutions, addressing today's challenges, and creating the future. It enables you to build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge using your choice of tools and frameworks.


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    Prepare for the future

    Microsoft will continue to innovate, supporting your current development and future product vision.

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    Build at will

    At your full command. With our commitment to open-source and support for all languages and architectures, you have the freedom to build applications and deploy them anywhere you desire.

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    Operate hybrid environments seamlessly

    Spanning across multi-cloud and edge environments, making it convenient for you wherever you are. Integrate and manage your environment with tools and services designed specifically for the hybrid cloud.

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    Trust your cloud

    Start from scratch to obtain security supported by a professional team and proactive compliance trusted by enterprises, governments, and startups alike.


  • Virtual desktop

    - **Anywhere Access to Windows 11 Desktop and Applications:** Provide employees with the best virtualization experience by offering Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 optimized solutions, ensuring seamless access to desktops and applications from anywhere.
    - **Built-in Intelligent Security:** Utilize security features that proactively detect threats and take remediation actions, ensuring the security and compliance of your applications and data.
    - **Deployment and Scaling in Minutes:** Simplify infrastructure deployment and management, allowing for rapid scaling according to your business needs.
    - **Cost Reduction with Existing Licenses:** Lower the costs of modern cloud-based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) by using existing eligible licenses, paying only for what you use.

    Virtual desktop
  • Azure SQL Database Service

    - SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines: Easily migrate your SQL workloads to Azure while maintaining full SQL Server compatibility and operating system-level access.
    - Azure SQL Managed Instance: Scale your modernized existing SQL Server custom and vendor applications at your own pace using an intelligent, fully managed service.
    - Azure SQL Database: Support modern cloud applications on an intelligent, fully managed service that includes serverless compute and hyperscale database storage.
    - Azure SQL Edge: Extend your applications to IoT edge gateways and devices for real-time insights in connected, disconnected, or hybrid environments.

    Azure SQL Database Service
  • Virtual Machines

    - Pay-as-you-go billing, more cost-effective, so you can spend your money wisely. You pay for how much compute time you use.
    - Use Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets to scale the number of VM instances from one to thousands within minutes.
    - Encrypt sensitive data, protect VMs from malicious threats, secure network traffic, and meet regulatory and compliance requirements.
    - Choose between Linux or Windows systems. Deploy your own VM image or download images from the Azure Marketplace.

    Virtual Machines


  • Manufacturing


    Respond to customer feedback and market trends more swiftly.

  • Retail industry

    Retail industry

    Deliver a personalized and differentiated seamless experience.

  • Government agencies

    Government agencies

    Build secure solutions to provide people with more personalized services and comprehensive protection

  • Healthcare industry

    Healthcare industry

    Develop solutions for proactive personalized healthcare.

  • Financial Services

    Financial Services

    Deliver improved customer service, enhance employee efficiency, and optimize risk management.


Content Basic Developer Standard Professional Direct
Support Service Languages: English, Chinese V V V V
Documentation, Whitepapers, Forums V V V V
Professional Billing Backend V V V V
Enjoy unlimited access to manufacturer support ticket services. V V V V
Azure Advisor - Free personalized guidance on Azure best practices.[1] V




Azure health status and notifications[2] V V V V
Preliminary Troubleshooting of Service Abnormalities V V V V
Customer Service Case Level [3]   Mild business impact (Severity C): Within eight hours of business hours.

- Major business impact (Severity A): Within one hour.

- Moderate business impact (Severity B): Within four hours.

- Minor business impact (Severity C): Within eight hours of business hours.

- Major business impact (Severity A): Within one hour.

- Moderate business impact (Severity B): Within two hours.

- Minor business impact (Severity C): Within four hours of business hours.

Support services provided for high-impact issues   5X8 7X24 7X24
Phone and Group Support for Technical Issues   Support is available via email during business hours only. V V
Work Order Progress Tracking   V V V
Architecture support   General guidelines General guidelines Guidance provided by a group of professionally managed support managers.
Support API[4]       Create and manage Azure Support Tickets programmatically.
Training       Webinars led by Azure engineers.
Proactive Guidance       Provided by a team of professional direct support management managers.
Azure SQL Automatic Scheduling/Backup      
Azure AKS Cluster Version Updates      
Cost [5] Provided for all Azure customers. Please refer to the detailed pricing. Please refer to the detailed pricing. Please refer to the detailed pricing.