Digital transformation goes beyond mere convenience and cost-saving; it involves more than just migrating old IT infrastructure to the cloud. True transformation encompasses the entire enterprise, enabling everyone to participate in the digital journey. We deeply understand the diverse demands of today's technology landscape and the imperative for continuous innovation, which is precisely why organizations choose Google Cloud. They leverage Google Cloud to construct a cloud environment for digital transformation and tackle the most formidable challenges.


  • 1

    Utilizing a cost-effective approach to access the same cloud infrastructure as large enterprises.

    Accessing the same infrastructure as Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube at a lower cost.

  • 2

    Eliminating the need for upfront investments in infrastructure costs.

    Without the expense of both money and time to build and test a reliable infrastructure, you can immediately utilize well-established services.

  • 3

    Flexibility to scale up or down as needed.

    Adjusting based on fluctuations in access and data transfer, with costs calculated on a per-usage basis.

  • 4

    Focus on software development without the need to worry about infrastructure.

    Integrate development tools like Eclipse and offer API client libraries along with a command-line interface.

  • 5

    You can select and optimize services to best suit your needs.

    Google Cloud Platform (GCP) encompasses all the services required for application architecture, including virtual machines, management platforms, BLOB storage, and more.

  • 6

    GCP stands as the world's most advanced infrastructure.

    Redundancy: Establishing multiple POPs worldwide to achieve robust redundancy. Data is automatically mirrored across multiple locations. Cutting-edge Computer Science: Innovative software infrastructure such as MapReduce, BigTable, Dremel, and more.

  • 7

    Delivering consistent performance and rapid responsiveness.

    CPU, Memory, Disk: Providing powerful computational capabilities for stable performance and reduced network latency. Global Network: Utilizing SDN (Software-Defined Networking) technology to transmit packets globally and achieve high-speed edge caching. Exceptional Maintainability: Scheduled maintenance minimally impacts virtual hosting services, and patching does not entail downtime.


  • Compute Engine

    ・Predefined Machine Types: Quickly initiate business processes using preconfigured, ready-made settings.
    ・Custom Machine Types: Create VMs with an optimal balance of vCPUs and memory capacity, considering cost-effectiveness.
    ・Spot Instances: Potentially save up to 91% on computing costs.
    ・Confidential Computing: Encrypt data when processing highly sensitive information.
    ・Optimal Scaling Recommendations: Automatically provide suggestions to achieve the most ideal resource utilization.

  • Anthos

    ・Build, deploy, and optimize applications on GKE and VMs anywhere, anytime, with simplicity, security, and flexibility.
    ・Provide a consistent development and operational experience for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
    ・According to the Forrester Total Economic Impact study, Anthos can deliver up to a 4.8x return on investment within 3 years.
    ・Accelerate the migration of VM-based applications to containers.

  • BigQuery

    ・Enable everyone to access in-depth analytical insights through a secure and scalable platform with built-in machine learning capabilities.
    ・Utilize flexible multi-cloud data analytics solutions to make business decisions based on data from different cloud environments.
    ・Execute large-scale data analytics operations with a 27% lower total cost of ownership over three years compared to other cloud data warehousing systems.
    ・Whether handling data in mere bytes or several petabytes, BigQuery can adjust its operational scale without any operational burden.
    ・BigQuery serves as the core of Google's integrated data cloud. Watch a demonstration video to understand how BigQuery operates.

  • Cloud Storage

    ・Deployment of new storage capacity is 99% faster than on-premises environments.
    ・All data can be replicated to another region within 15 minutes.
    ・Benefit from an annual storage durability of 99.999999999%.

  • Google Kubernetes Engine

    ・Automatic provisioning and management.
    ・Automatic scheduling of Pods and cluster resources.
    ・Pre-built Kubernetes applications and templates.
    ・Container-native networking and security.
    ・Automation tools for easy workload migration.
    ・GKE backups.

  • Data Migration

    ・Offering both online and offline data migration solutions for rapid and secure data transfers.
    ・Google Transfer Appliance
    ・Cloud Storage Transfer Service
    ・Google BigQuery Data Transfer

  • Storage Space and Databases

    Your application-specific object storage and database not only exhibit exceptional scalability and flexibility but also excel in terms of performance.

  • Big Data

    We provide you with Google's fully managed data warehousing technology, batch and stream processing capabilities, data exploration technology, Hadoop/Spark integration, and reliable message delivery features.

  • Data Analytics

    We offer a fully managed multi-cloud data analytics platform that not only enables everyone to access in-depth analytical insights but also eliminates limitations related to scale, performance, and cost.


  • Retail


    Adhering to multiple rigorous global security and privacy standards such as ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, and ISO/IEC 27018, as well as industry standards like PCI DSS.

  • Media entertainment industry

    Media entertainment industry

    Compliance with various stringent global security and privacy standards can assist you in adhering to industry guidelines like the MPAA Best Practices Guide.

  • Financial services industry

    Financial services industry

    Adhering to numerous rigorous global security, privacy, and financial regulatory standards, including AICPA SOC, and complying with various industry standards such as PCI DSS and Japan's FISC.

  • Education


    Compliance with multiple stringent security and privacy standards, and adherence to relevant regulations under education and child protection laws such as FERPA and COPPA.

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences

    Healthcare and Life Sciences

    Adherence to various stringent global security and privacy standards, with certain products also available for use under applicable Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) business associate agreements.

  • Government agencies

    Government agencies

    Compliance with various government regulations and standards, such as FedRAMP, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the UK's NCSC Cloud Security Principles, Singapore's MTCS, and more.


Service Offerings Base Support Standard Support Enhanced Support Premium Support
Support Service Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese (Original Equipment Manufacturer Support and Korean) V V V V
Professional Billing Backend V V V V
Access to unlimited instances of OEM work order support services.   V V V
Preliminary Troubleshooting for Service Anomalies   V V V
Customer Service Case Level [1]  

P1: None

P2: 4-hour Response

P3: 8-hour Response

P4: 8-hour Response

P1: 1-hour Response

P2: 4-hour Response

P3: 8-hour Response

P4: 8-hour Response

P0: 5-minute Response

P1: 15-minute Response

P2: 2-hour Response

P3: 4-hour Response

P4: 8-hour Response

Work Order Progress Tracking   V V V
Phone and Group Support for Technical Issues   V V V
Support Services for High-Impact Issues   5X8 7X24 7X24
Third-Party Service Technical Support [2]     V V
Escalation of Case Levels     V V
Early Access to New Products       V
Training Credit       V
Optional Critical Business Services [3]       V
Optional Security Support Services [4]       V
GCE Automated Scheduling/Backup       V
Cloud SQL Automated Scheduling/Backup       V
GKE Cluster Version Updates       V
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