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【Personal Data Protection Act】
In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (referred to as the PDPA) and for the information of consumers participating in this event, please read the following details carefully before participating in this event.
Data Collection Company: Peter's Web Information Co., Ltd. (referred to as the Company).
Purpose of Data Collection: To facilitate the verification process by the organizing entity and for necessary communication when required.
Types of Personal Data: This includes information that can identify individuals, such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, and prize delivery addresses.
Duration and Region of Personal Data Use: Duration: The Company will use the data from the date of a participant's involvement in the event until 6 months after the event's conclusion. Region: The Taiwan region, including Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu. Parties: The Company, related subsidiaries, agencies commissioned by the Company, and personnel involved in the event.
Participants may request, in writing or via email, to exercise their rights to inquire, access, obtain copies, supplement or correct their personal data, request to stop data collection, processing, or usage, and request data deletion.
Impact of Not Providing Personal Data: Event participants have the freedom to choose whether to provide their personal data to the Company. If a participant refuses to provide relevant personal data, they will not be able to participate in the event. Furthermore, if a report is made, or if the Company discovers that the identity of the event participant cannot be confirmed due to inadequate information, identity theft, or the provision of false data, the Company reserves the right to temporarily suspend the provision of event-related services, resulting in inconvenience. We appreciate your understanding in such cases.
Participation in this event is considered as participants' understanding of the above-mentioned information provided by the Company and their clear understanding of the purpose and use of collecting, processing, and using participants' personal data within the scope of the information provided. Participants also agree that the organizing entity may collect, process, and use their personal data within the scope of the information provided above.